Dear Reader,

Hi, I am different. I am a Millennial, my name is Princess. I am the owner of my legal name Dejarre (Heal) and Dejarre Corporation. I started these businesses with the intention of delivering Medical Assistance and Holistic Practices that can increase self confidence, integrity and wellness. Health is the #1 thing that God said was important. Why not have a peace of mind. With your permission, I would like to educate you on these holistic practices when you are ready. Receive Christ in the meantime.

Oh and I am a real Black Native American but Black Reiki Practitioner.

Practitioner Princess Dejarre Hunter

Dejarre Heal and Dejarre, is a 25 USC Sole Prop & Corporation for Holistic Therapy with services that include Life Coaching, Reiki Treatments, NLP programming, Medical Assistant record/track and Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Dejarre Heal had a start up date October 5, 2015 as a medical education and recording company based on referrals and professional networking with minimal to no advertising to protect the integrity of the information given and received, plus HIPAA regulations.

Dejarre has successfully volunteered for the American Cancer Society, family members and members of a corporate Christian body since 2016. Although Dejarre has yet to have paying clients, it helps that our Associate PRINCESS HUNTER is patient with the pay and with our potential customers.

PRINCESS HUNTER was awarded her Medical Assistant associate of science degree in May of 2011. She was also rewarded her HIPAA certification at that time also in September of 2018. PRINCESS HUNTER is also Reiki 1, 2, & 3 certified, along with a Life Coaching and Neurolinguistics' Programming certification. There are other certifications to support the purpose of this business.