Hello, my name is Holistic Practitioner Princess. 

Practitioner  Certifications

What should I expect during a Reiki Treatment Session?

During the Reiki Session, you will relax, comfortably in a chair, sitting up or laying down on a massage table. The practitioner will then proceed to pray first to receive Reiki, then they will provide the gift of laying on of hands with a gentle touch to each chakra section or with their hands 2 inches away from your skin. The choice is yours. Gentle or No Touch Method. The practitioner will say a chant. This chant is completely safe and effective. You as the patient can chant along with the practitioner.

I will not have you spiritually ignorant.

Concerning Spiritual Gifts

1st Corinthians 12

There are diversities of gifts but the same spirit.

There are differences of administrations but the same Lord.

There are diversities of operations but the same God who work.

  • words of wisdom

  • words of knowledge

  • faith

  • gifts of healing

  • work of miracles

  • prophecy

  • discernment

  • diverse kinds of tongues

  • interpretation of tongues

For by one spirit we all baptized into one body; thirst quenched into one spirit.

Note from the Holistic Practitioner Princess:

Hey Christian.

I hope you are Christian, if not that's alright we can work around it. Hopefully I can influence you in some kind of way to become Christian but no pressure. So, I know you just looked at all the pdf's with my certifications and I know you have questions. I also know you may be wondering why I started with the 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians. Yeah I know, you already know about spiritual gifts and all but that is why I need your undivided attention.

I personally as the practitioner have very specific gifts that are mentioned above in the quoted Christian text. My gifts are Reiki-the gift of laying hands, speaking in tongues and translating tongues. I think it best for me to tell you now since it is still early. I am very proud of my gifts and I pray that I can  share these gifts with you soon.


Yes I know, you have to meet Princess D the medical assistant first before you have a chance to meet me the practitioner. I am the sweetest. I am very detailed and will win your heart in one conversation. Please review her work when you have completed your consultation, I the practitioner will read and acknowledge all the reviews.


Dishonor raises into Glory

Weakness raises into Power

Natural Body raises into Spiritual Body

Living Soul into Quickening Spirit

The first man of earth into the Lord of Heaven

Let's have victory over sin and give through our talents in Jesus Name.